Tess the Tesla Robot Character Design

Here's a concept I've been kicking around for a while. When robots are used in advertising, we've seen them blow things up, battle each other, play football..and even dance (a LOT of dancing robots!) My thought was to utilize a more delicate frame. The unmistakably sexy silhouette of the classic spokes-model/pin-up girl lent to a futuristic humanoid creation, where those sleek lines speak to the artistry of engineering as well as an appealing aesthetic design. I imagine this as a series for well received products that blend superior craftsmanship with a keen eye for pleasing lines. Each robot will adopt key design elements making them immediately recognizable as a representative for the product they hold. TESS is the first in this series, representing the TESLA corporation and their ground breaking electric cars. Where TESLA's vehicles marry the sporty style consumers love with an Earth-friendly sustainable energy source, TESS incorporates an elegant frame glowing with possibility.