Terminator Quarter Scale Maquette for Sideshow collectibles

This was another dream opportunity to work on an iconic character from one of our favorite film franchises. When our friends at Sideshow Collectibles asked if we wanted to help them develop a full maquette version of the Endoskeleton from the Terminator films, we had to say HELL YES! We sculpted, engineered and prototyped the figure and Sideshow gave the machine a dynamic, menacing pose added the killer base and did an amazing job with paint and production as usual!

In 1984, James Cameron introduced the world to the Terminator. Part man, and part machine, Skynet's merciless T-800 cyborgs brought chills of terror that would haunt generations to come.

Sideshow’s Terminator Endoskeleton Maquette is a painstakingly detailed recreation of the iconic T-800, the Terminator that first struck fear into would be freedom fighters everywhere. Our version features polystone and premium grade ABS plastic elements in order to maintain the crisp details that one would expect to find in a machine crafted by machines. The maquette is also made up of over 100 pieces.

Poised on a detailed environmental base with piercing glowing eyes, the Terminator Endoskeleton Maquette is a critical centerpiece to any collector who values Skynet over her own safety.