Gil Character for LG's "Life's Good" Campaign

Times Square, the very heart of New York City, is a magical place. When the opportunity arose to contribute character design that would be featured there we didn't hesitate.

Working with Young & Rubicam New York and North Kingdom, we were able to produce the character of "Gil", a fuzzy, smiling guy controlled by advanced artificial intelligence software who responds to good news.

As the lynchpin of LG's "Life's Good" campaign, Gil is meant to be a goodwill ambassador to the world. Current studies show that 83% of Americans suffer from a "good news deficit" and 6 in 10 Americans say they wouldn't even know where to look for good news.

It was a nice bit of good news for LG, though, when we were able to deliver this character in just a few short weeks with an incredibly tight deadline.

Some of the character design work we do is small and subtle. A lot of it, in fact. So it's nice to see something we created milling around in Times Square and standing 47 feet tall on the world's first wrap-around HD billboard.

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Images courtesy North Kingdom.