Salty & Pep Characters for Knorr

Character Development, Character Design, Digital Sculpting, Production

Collaborating with other agencies has always yielded some tremendous results, and this project we contributed to for Knorr is a keen example.

Working with Knorr and ad agencies DDB Canada and Sons & Daughters, Bigshot Toyworks was given the opportunity to develop and design the "Salty + Pep" characters that were used in this stellar commercial. Bigshot produced more than 40 different characters for consideration for this project, and worked closely with the agency to refine their top picks into the characters used in the final campaign.

The final campaign featured television spots, viral online videos, wild postings, in-store merchandising, and a Facebook fan page which quickly garnered more than 10,000 active followers.

Thanks to Salty, Knorr's Sidekicks line showed a 24% increase in sales from the previous year. Bigshot was contracted to design and produce actual ceramic Salty + Pep shaker sets as a mail-in premium item, and 30,000 sets sold out almost instantly.

The campaign also won Best Integrated, Best In Promotion, and several Silver & Bronze medals at the 2010 Canadian Marketing Association's year-end award ceremony.