Frequently Asked Questions

Collectible toys and premiums are a great way for an artist or brand to directly interact with their fans and community. Here are some of the most common questions we field each week:

I want to make a toy. What are my options?

Collectible toys and figures can be made in a variety of materials including vinyl, resin, PVC or plush. Each of these formats offer different options, pricing, timing and complexity. We can work with you to determine the best option for your project.

What are the differences between vinyl, resin and PVC?

Soft vinyl is a cost effective way to produce small runs of high quality, colorful characters. It can be used in static figures but more frequently the art toy will have 2 or more points of articulation (such as neck and shoulders). This is the material often used by Kidrobot, coarse toys, Bigshot Toyworks and many others.

PVC is a material more often used for mini figures, blind box toys, collectible statues, and fully articulated action figures depending on requirements and budgets. It is a great option for making runs of 3,000 figure or more.

Resin is an effective way to make collector-grade, high quality statues and small run figures and busts. Resin offers lower setup costs and can accommodate lower production numbers.

How long until my project can be delivered?

The timeline on projects can vary widely. A number of factors can affect the length of the process: the time it takes to get approvals or receive payments, and the materials used in manufacturing, are both significant factors.

Typically a vinyl or PVC project takes about 6-8 months from the date of sculpt approval to final delivery via sea shipping. A resin project cuts about a month off of that because the mold making process is much shorter. 

Each project carries unique complexities and challenges, and we will work with you to navigate those details to deliver your project in the most efficient way possible.

How much will my project cost?

There are a number of factors that affect the overall cost of a project. The primary factors are the materials used, product size, production quantity and complexity of the design. For more detailed breakdowns of potential costs, contact us for a quote.

What kind of packaging can I have?

There are many different styles of packaging that we can create for your project: blind bags, blind boxes, traditional carded action figures, art boxes, window boxes and many more. We can work with you to figure out the most appropriate style of packaging for your project.

Can you make me a CUstom action figure?

We can create action figures to your specifications, but action figure production always involves at least 3,000 units of any single item. We are happy to discuss producing a single, high quality prototype action figure for your production needs. If you are looking for one single unit of a customized action figure as a gift or promotional item, you may be better off locating a person or small company that creates one-off custom toys.

What is the minimum number of toys I can order?

The minimum order quantity can vary depending on the material, size and complexity. We are able to make resin figures in as small of a run as 500 pieces if the item is large. Typically the minimums for action figures and mini figures is between 3,000 and 5,000 units. 

What kind of artwork do you need to start my project?

We would love to start by reading your brief, which should contain a full description of your project, packaging, timeline and budget, with full set of turnarounds so we can see what the item looks like. If you do not have a formal brief, we will accept sketches, mockups, 3D files, and any sort of artwork that accurately conveys the nature of what you are trying to accomplish. 

Note that even if you provide a 3D file, we may not be able to use that file for production purposes. We will have to sculpt the item digitally from scratch regardless of what type of asset or file you provide to us.

What other info do you need in order to give me a quote or start the project?

Most project briefs include a full description of your project, quantity, packaging, timeline and budget, with full set of turnarounds or artwork. We may need to ask you more questions as we generate the quote. Please click here to submit the information to us.

What is the general process to create a new toy?

You will submit information or a brief to us to begin the conversation. We are happy to sign an NDA before you provide us with details.

Once you accept our quote, we can begin digital sculpting. Once the sculpt is approved, we can move into prototyping. 3D prints and copies are created and sent to the factory and to the paint studio.

The factory then creates the tooling, and we finalize the paint / deco with you. Upon completion of tooling, test shots are created and either shipped to you for approval, or emailed as photos. Once test shots and deco is approved, production begins.

During production, packaging is developed. Towards end of production, any testing is performed as needed. After production, the toys are painted and boxed up for pack out. Finally, the shipment is shipped to your warehouse via the method of your preference.