Bungie Destiny Mini Figures

We absolutely love Bungie and their amazing Destiny franchise. When the Destiny team asked us to help them develop some unique collectibles to support the brand, we were more than happy to jump into the work. We created a unique stylized and detailed line of Destiny figures in our signature "house" style. The figures have been a big hit with the fans and we are excited to continue this line with the Bungie team.

The Cayde 6 figure is available as a free gift with your preorder of Destiny 2 at Game Stop. The Saladin and his Wolf Pack set is available for preorder at THINK GEEK and Game Stop.

We will update this page as we are able but here are some shots documenting the concept art, digital sculpts, prototypes and more. Please sign up for our mailing list or follow us on our social media for more exciting updates.