Brandt Peters Harley Quinn for Kidrobot

It's always a treat for us to work with a dream team of creative partners like Brandt Peters and Kidrobot. Armed with the DC Comics license, Kidrobot has been exploring artist-driven design in their interpretation of DC icons like Harley Quinn, as well as the award-winning Wonder Woman statue by Tara MacPherson. This was a fun project for us which involved working closely with Brandt once more. The result was this stunning 10-inch vinyl art toy collectible which is available in two color variants at select art toy retailers worldwide, in addition to Kidrobot's own online shop.

In 2014 Brand Peters was invited to join the DC's artistic elite as his illustrations of Harley Quinn were officially released in DC Comic's Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1: Get Yer Cheer Outta My Ear.  Nearly four years later, Kidrobot is excited to bring Brandt Peters surreal take on Bruce Timm’s classic costumed Harley Quinn to the world of vinyl art toys with two collectible limited edition art figures.  Both of these new figures feature a marionette puppet stylization of Harley Quinn with her gripping an oversized mallet displaying "YOUR FACE HERE!" and "HA!"